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From May 10th to 13th

A new year means a new Rennes Spring Tournament !
This time once more, the tournament takes place for 4 days, at the Ker Al Lann village-vacances in Guitté (45 minutes by car from Rennes). Four whole days to play, have fun, relax, party, move around outside...
The programme stays the same, 7 games for the main tournament, but also...
As always, you can take your chances at the Blitz French Open that selects the next holder of the « Blitz is Wrong » cup, chill at the Ghost-Go tournament.
Finally, as is the tradition, Friday is "relaxation and fresh air" afternoon, with a lakefront picnic at midday, a refreshing outdoor barbecue at dusk, and the Golympiad filled with a little bit of everything and anything (Go-Athlon, puck game, pétanque, dodgeball...) in-between.
Registration is here!


Advance registrations will close on April 30th.
Don't forget, it's possible to share a car from Rennes train station. All you need to do is to ask for it in the « carpool » section of the registration form, or by email in avance.