Information for Accomodation & Meals


Chambre de Ker Al Lann, Guitté Quiet rooms close to the festivies will guarantee you good night sleeps.
- The « Niken-Tobi » menu includes housing from thursday to saturday night, and meals from thursday evening to sunday noon. Price : 145€.
- The « Tobi » menu includes housing for 2 nights, and meals from the first evening to the last noon. Price : 100€.
- The « Nobi » menu includes housing for 1 night, and meals from the previous evening to the following noon. Price : 65€.
Bed sheets and blankets are provided. Towels are not.

Un repas au tournoi


Ker Al Lann's restaurant satisfy the players every year.
The meals take place every morning, noon and evening, from thursday evening to sunday noon.
What's more, on thursday noon, sandwiches will be cooked and sold by the club members, at the same time as registrations.


Pommes et cidre A bar will be run at any time (more or less), day and night, to help you keep hydrated under the ruthless Breton sun. Fruit juice, soda, malted drinks and many other drinks will be available, as well as our renowned home-made cakes and sweets.